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Loss of Profit Claims
If your business has been disrupted and affected by roadworks carried out on utility services (e.g. water, sewer, gas) you may suffer a loss of business and consequent profit as a result. If so, the company responsible for the utility services has a legal obligation to pay compensation to your business for your loss of profit.

C.B.A.C has been managing compensation claims for this type of loss of profit claims for 15 years. We have many testimonials and local references can be provided.

Our fees to complete the claims on your behalf are paid by the utility company. If we do not make a successful claim then you are not charged a fee. Consequently the claims process is entirely at nil risk and nil cost to you.

Below is an outline of the utilities that we have successfully claimed against, the business types we have represented and some of the actual businesses we have made successful claim for:

C.B.A.C has managed loss of profit compensation claims with most of the utilities in England and Wales, including amongst others, the following:

Anglian Water, North West Water, Northumbrian Water, Severn Trent Water, Southern Water, South West Water, Thames Water, Transco, Wessex Water & Yorkshire Water.

Business Types
C.B.A.C has managed loss of profit compensation claims with most business types affected by utility roadworks, including e.g. the following:

Antique shops

Car Sales

Convenience Stores

Department Stores

Fast Food


Guest House





Off Licences

Businesses Represented
C.B.A.C represented loss of profit compensation claims for a large number of claimants. These vary in size from small retail outlets to multi million pound turnover stores. This is on both a recurring and one off basis, and includes e.g. the following:

B and Q

Bargain Booze

Co-op stores

Lloyds pharmacy

One Stop




If you wish to contact us for an initial, no obligation discussion to determine if a claim may be worthwhile, click here.

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